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Saying hello (world) to a new website

I am happy to announce that starting today, I will be slowly transitioning away from traditional web development technologies in favor of a much more interesting solution. The answer? John Sundell's Publish framework.

Publish takes advantage of the language by creating an easy way for Swift developers to create a static website complete with an RSS feed, site map, and blogging features. There are also features to support custom themes (coming soon to this website!) and a wide range of plugins created by Swift developers. Swift is a general-purpose language first released by Apple in 2014. Since then, it has been used for multiple platforms, from mobile devices to desktops to cloud infrastructure.

Project Repository

The repository for this project will only be made available upon request. If you would like read-only access to the repository, please contact me.

Project Description

My goal for this website is to simplify the difficult aspects of running a website, namely financial costs. My previous website ran on WordPress and Elementor Pro, and while that created a good experience for users, it cost more money and did not give me the chance to exercise the various skills I have learned in college so far.

By using Publish, I am able to take advantage of a uniquely Swift-like website development experience, and in doing so stay current with changes to the language and keep myself on track when I work on iOS apps.

I am looking forward to adding more content in the future, and please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback. Until next time!

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