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GPA Calculator App

As a college student, this app is particularly important to me because it solves a problem that I have consistently had since high school: finding a GPA calculator that is simple and efficient.

Project Repository

The repository for this project will be posted soon. If you would like more details before the repository is available, please contact me.

Project Description

This project started during the COVID-19 pandemic when I wanted a way to learn SwiftUI. After completing a few tutorial projects, I decided to build this app to help me throughout the rest of my collegiate career.

Unfortunately, this project had to be postponed several times as burnout and unimplemented features of SwiftUI made a fully-functioning app difficult to produce. The app was restarted in summer 2021 and will soon be in beta.

The goal is to publish this app on the App Store in time for the Autumn 2021 semester as a way to help students as they recover from the academic impact of the pandemic.

Technologies Used

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