Matthew Ayers

I create my ideas with code.

About Me

My Career Goals

Updated April 28, 2022

I am a Computer Science and Engineering student seeking a career as a Software Engineer. The technical fields I am interested in are the following: - Linux/Unix-like Systems - Cloud Technologies - Scripting (primarily in zsh) - Mobile Development - Front-End Development

As a software engineer, my primary goal is to solve problems and discover innovative solutions to the problems that society faces today. I am open to new experiences that will get me closer to my primary goal and working my way to that point throughout my career. One of the most impactful ways I will be able to achieve my goal is by managing a team of software engineers and helping to create a productive work environment. By doing so, my team will be a catalyst for innovative solutions and improve any corporation's bottom line.

In the summer of 2022, I will be a Software Engineering Program intern at JP Morgan Chase & Co. Through this experience, I look forward to gaining hands-on experience that will potentially help thousands of people to be more productive on a day-to-day basis. I look forward to building connections with other interns and full-time employees through this opportunity.

When I graduate from college, I would like to start working soon after receiving my diploma to allow for relocation and organizing my personal affairs.

If you would like to see what projects I am working on, you may view my GitHub profile here.